Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NZ Twitter Secret Santa Update - Who is taking over

So a little while ago I mentioned that I was looking for someone to take over the reins of the NZ Twitter Secret Santa and I am happy to announce I have someone (actually a team of people) all keen and excited to take it over.

You do really need to be a certan kind of person to want to do this sort of thing, where the joy of running the event is the motivator and just spreading the Christmas cheer is all you need as a reward.

The people taking over NZ Twitter Secret Santa from me is......................

The really great team at NZ Post @nzpost

We've had quite a few discussions around the whole Secret Santa thing and not once have I had a bad feeling about it, actually quite the opposite. They already run the letters for Santa every year for the kids and kids at heart and really want to carry on the awesome NZ Twitter Secret Santa vibe that happens every year without changing a winning formula.

Sure there will be tweaks and new ways of doing things, and the team at NZ Post are very capable of using their skills to do this.

I hope all you great Twitter people out there give them as much support as you have to me over the years, you can find them at @nzpost and can check out their blog at

As for me I am concentrating on giant pumpkins over at Op Shops over at and working on any other crazy ideas I might come up with.



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